Can I Eat Potatoes That Are Green?

September 5th, 2014

Q. Is it ok to eat potatoes that have turned green? A friend told me that they read on the internet that a green potato is poisonous and to immediately throw it out. He also said they taste bitter when green.

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Do You Have Any Fun History Tips On Potatoes In The USA That I Could Share With My Class?

August 28th, 2014

Q. We are covering fruits and vegetables in our classroom this season. Of course, I am going to use Idaho® russets for the potato section to have the students make a working clock and we are showing how to grow a potato just from the eyes. However, I need some fun historical tidbits to share. Got any?

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The 5 Biggest Mistakes That Home Chefs Make When Grilling Potatoes

August 26th, 2014

Outdoor barbecues just lend themselves to preparing potatoes in different ways than you might on the stovetop or by baking potatoes in the oven. And when the temperatures are sizzling, who wants to heat up the kitchen with the burners turned on or the oven building up to 400 degrees just to bake an Idaho® russet for an hour? So, desperate times call for desperate measures. While we never recommend baking potatoes in foil in an oven (as it steams the potato and makes the skin wet) it’s OK to bring out the foil for the BBQ grill.

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My Potatoes Turned Black, Are They Okay To Eat?

August 19th, 2014

Q. I sliced up peeled potatoes and tossed them in oil and butter to cook them in a shallow aluminum tray. Then I covered them overnight and many of them turned black. If we bake them, are they okay to eat?

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Use The Right Potato For The Job

August 17th, 2014

Q. I’ve noticed that some chefs call for the same size potato for multiple uses, kind of an all-purpose size. They typically call for an Idaho® Russet. As a culinary student I find this confusing… it seems like it would cost more to buy a big potato when you are just going to cut it up.
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“Spud Fax”

August 15th, 2014

Q. Could you kindly direct me to the portion of the Commission’s website where your “Technical Reports” are listed?

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Potato-Centric Restaurant Concepts

August 8th, 2014

Q.  I love potatoes and can’t get enough of them when I eat out. Are there restaurant concepts where potatoes get the respect on the menu they deserve?

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No More Short French Fries Please

August 6th, 2014

Q.  What’s happening to my favorite fast food French fries?! No more short fries please.

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Washing Potatoes Before You Boil Them

July 30th, 2014

Q. We are going to partially boil some potatoes and then slice them into wedges to bake them… Since they will be in hot water it still necessary to individually the wash and scrub each potato?

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Feeding Potatoes To 100 People

July 29th, 2014

Q.  In making potatoes salad for 100 people how many potatoes will I need? Do you have recipe that feeds that many?

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