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Mashed or Smashed Idaho® Potatoes for Thanksgiving?


Should I mash or smash Idaho® potatoes for Thanksgiving?


With Idaho® russet potatoes, we recommend peeling and then cutting into big chunks before boiling. This way the potato will be more evenly cooked and probably fits your families’ idea of a traditional mashed potato recipe. Here is a link: Traditional Mashed Idaho® Potatoes

Here is another recipe for fat free mashed potatoes: As Good as Mashed Potatoes But Fat Free!

However, much of the nutrients are right under the skin, so an interesting way to make skin on mashed is to baked the potatoes and then cut into chunks and smash them. If you want to surprise your guests try this method. It takes an hour at 400 degrees F to bake the potatoes as a general guideline.

Another version of smashed is to boil Idaho® fingerling potatoes (or small reds), drain and keep warm in the oven. Just before serving, smash them with the skin intact. The red skin will usually not stay a bright red, just add some white wine vinegar or concentrated lemon juice to the water when you boil. You can also do this in the microwave if you want to keep the skins color, just pierce the skin slightly (to keep the potato from bursting from the heat) and zap it!