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Preparing Mashed Potatoes Ahead of Time


What is the best way to insure mashed potatoes are creamy & taste “just mashed” when prepared a day ahead of serving?


First of all, select a Russet Burbank variety. The bags have the variety designation on a quick lock holding the bag shut. Make sure the potatoes have the “Grown in Idaho” seal on the bag or carton. Loose potatoes are harder to determine by source, but the produce person in the store can tell you or you can see that they look similar, just larger, than the Idaho bagged potatoes.

Don’t over mix the potatoes. The starch cells break down easily and the potatoes will become gummy.

Be sure to add in the liquids hot (cream and butter) and again, just fold in. Cool to room temp and refrigerate for next day service. Cover with a clear wrap (make sure they are not warm when you do this step or the potatoes will turn out soggy) or a clean kitchen towel so no excess air is exposed to the mixture. Reheat and if necessary, add more hot liquid once fully cooked.