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How to Amp Up Your Mashed Potatoes


Nearly every entree at my restaurant is paired with mashed potatoes. They are made fresh from Idaho® Russet potatoes and are very popular, but is there a way I can amp up this comfort food side?


Thanks for using Idaho® potatoes! Can you say “mix in” or “fold in” or “loaded”? That’s the trick to coming up with new variations on a common theme. Instead of garlic mashed potatoes (which usually use powdered garlic instead of fresh garlic), make them with fresh roasted garlic mashed and mix the crushed garlic in at the last moment.  Ever tried black garlic as a garnish on a portion of mashed? You could also take a soup ingredient approach and add some dairy (or cream) and fresh chopped leeks or chives. In fact, it is easy to use the make-up table and add in already-stocked items before serving, such as chopped black or Kalamata olive. Mustard can also make for an interesting addition—try Dijon mustard and shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Instead of having to come up with a permanent choice, try using a variation each day or week until some staff or customer favorites bubble up to the top.

While the concept is now several years old, the first time a server brought out a beautiful green ceramic container with mashed Idaho® potatoes drizzled with fresh basil oil, I was sold on Chef David Burke’s attention to the smallest details. Have you ever had his “Angry Lobster”? It’s the same kind of idea to take an old standby and spice it up a little.

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