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What Are The Most Popular Ways To Fix An Idaho® Potato When It Comes To Nutrition?


I love potatoes and especially fries, mashed and baked. What is the healthiest way to prepare a potato?


The healthiest way is to control the portion size. A medium size plain baked Idaho potato is 110 calories. A large is about 300. This link is one of the best ways to compare sizes. You can also input the amount per ounce to be more accurate.

If you add in oil (for frying) a medium size order of French fries at Wendy’s can shoot up to 453 calories, with 207 of those coming from fat. So, eat in moderation, not several times a week.


A healthy Idaho® baked Russet potato can be just 110 calories, but hold off on the oil, even olive oil can double the calories.


This Idaho® baked Russet potato is a perfect way to stay nutritious… just add salsa! 

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