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When Cooking Ten Pounds Of Baked Potatoes How Long Can I Store Them In The Refrigerator?


My husband and I are eating about a pound of baked potatoes a day. With it being summer time I usually cook up about 10 lbs at a time and then keep them in the refrigerator. After cooking them in the oven (without foil as I've read on some of your other posts) and cooling them to room temp, does wrapping them in foil to put in the fridge keep them for any longer or should we just put in the fridge? Also how long will they keep for in the fridge either wrapped or unwrapped?


I’d recommend no more than four days in the refrigerator once cooked before you consume them.  While you may rarely have a potato explode in the oven if you don’t pierce the skin with fork tines to allow steam to escape, it would be better not to open up the skin and interior to a chance of turning gray or black from oxidation. Also, I wouldn’t wrap them in foil in the refrigerator, the metal could react with the potato and discolor. Use your favorite  cling wrap. That way you could microwave them as needed, just be sure to unwrap enough to allow the steam to escape when re-heating.