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Any Tips On Storing Potatoes At Home Once I Have Washed Them?


Any tips on storing potatoes at home once I have washed them and wrapped in foil?


We don't recommend washing and then wrapping in foil immediately. If you plan on baking on the BBQ grill the next weekend, we recommend storing the potatoes in a cool environment with plenty of ventilation so they can dry out. This is much better than washing, wrapping in foil and having the potato, which is a living organism, perspire or get moldy or suffer from infection. Especially important, if the potato has external cuts or bruises, to not seal up a wet potato in foil for any extended amount of time. We recommend washing the potato under a faucet, using a vegetable brush to clean any dirt accumulated in the eyes. Then placing on a rack or colander with holes to allow some air circulation before placing in refrigeration till you are ready to bake the potato.