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Making Twice Baked Potatoes In Advance


I am making twice baked potatoes for dinner tomorrow. Can I bake them today and scoop out the meat, add fixings and then finish them off tomorrow?


The answer is most definitely! Bake, but do not overcook the potatoes (as the base will turn dark brown) to an internal temperature of 185°F and then let cool to handle. Take a sharp knife and slice off the top lengthwise, hollow out the inside, being careful to leave some and not puncture the outer skin.  Cover and refrigerate, mix sour cream and spices or herbs and refrigerate separately, then put together the next day. You can also add the mixture the same day and cover with a clear plastic wrap and refrigerate for one to two days.

Some other filling options… 2 parts mayo, 1-part shredded cheddar cheese or Parmesan, minced fresh garlic or equal amounts of room temperature unsalted butter and heavy cream, drizzled with white truffle oil.