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What Could I Add To My Idaho® Potatoes On The Menu To Make Them Even More Popular?


As a high volume independent restaurant, I’ve got Idaho baked potatoes on the menu already, plain or loaded with the traditional sour cream, butter, and chives. Any thoughts on an ingredient I could add to get a little higher check overage?


Three words… Bacon, Bacon, Bacon! According to the latest Datassential report Bacon appears on 70.7% of all menus surveyed at 3,438 concepts and even with all that existing popularity, it has grown 3.9% in four years. Applewood Bacon mentions on menus is up 28.6% during the same time period. And the terminology “smoked” is hot too, with a menu penetration of 17.6% of all menus. While chains list Smoked Bacon on 30.5% of menus, Independents only call it out 15.0% of the time. It’s already pre-sold to your customers! Pepper Bacon is only on 6.8% of Chain menus, and 1.4% of Independents, so there is more opportunity to try this as a new ingredient too.

Check out some of the more creative uses of bacon with potatoes from Food Bloggers and Chefs: