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New, Fun Recipes for Idaho Mashed Potatoes


My family always expects Idaho® mashed potatoes for the holidays, any new recipes you’d like to share?


Thanks for keeping this family tradition, we always serve Idaho russet mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have found that creating a mashed potato bar for New Year’s is very popular as well, as it’s easy to refresh the ingredients and customize the options to be down home, comfort food or upscale and special. Here are some fun recipes from our food blogger community:



Want to know what to do with left over potatoes from the holidays? Here are some great suggestions:


Always remember that the potatoes you are looking for at the grocery store should have the “Grown in Idaho” seal on the bag. They also have signage, or a potato variety marked right on the bag or the fastening enclosure, typically a Russet Norkotah or a Russet Burbank are the two predominant varieties right now.

As for making the perfect mashed potatoes, I recommend peeling the raw potatoes, cutting into even sized chunks rather than boiling whole (outside is over cooked by the time the interior gets fully cooked and this affects consistency too). Boil the cut-up chunks of potatoes in cold salted water for about 15 minutes. Save the pan or pot and after draining, put the potatoes back on the stove in this container, uncovered so moisture can escape, leaving the potatoes on the stove at a low temperature for 3 – 5 minutes to remove extra water. During this time, warm up any liquids such as milk or cream (ditch the 2% or 1% milk for the holidays) and some butter in a separate pot. You can do this in the microwave quickly too.  Place the potatoes in the mixer, and use the beater attachment, mix on low for no more than one minute. This is crucial, do not look away or leave the time to your judgement, stop the mixer if the potatoes looked somewhat mixed but with some small chunks. Add in the liquids slowly once you have started the mixer again, shouldn’t take long to have the perfect Idaho potatoes you desire. If you transfer the mashed potatoes into a warm clear bowl or plastic Tupperware® container and put a tight-fitting lid on the top, they can stay warm for up to thirty minutes. Plenty of time to make gravy from the turkey stock.

Remember: Over-mashing your Idaho® potatoes will result in gluey and sticky potatoes.

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