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Why Have My Fries Showing Inconsistent Results Lately?


As a fresh-cut, French fry operator, lately our fries are showing some inconsistent results (premature darkening, sometimes limpy fries). Perhaps it’s the less-experienced staff, or maybe we’ve strayed from our usual, careful step-by-step program, or maybe something is happening with the potatoes?


You’ve accurately summarized what could occur as the summer period goes on. Old crop transitions to new crop when we begin digging in mid-August and the cooking chemistry within the potatoes certainly have their nuances regarding storage temperature, solids, sugars, the ‘sweat’ process - especially in the early stages of new crop. Here’s a link that reminds everyone of the primary steps to follow when cutting and frying Idaho potatoes at any point of the year. Also attached is an ‘Old Crop-New Crop’ infographic that speaks to what to expect during the transition expected from August (old crop) into new crop (mid-August through early October).

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