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Is There An Alternate Method For Wrapping A Potato That Doesn't Contain The Risks Mentioned Using Foil?


I read an article regarding the use of Aluminum Foil to bake a potato and that it should not be used. Nowhere in that article did it mention an alternative method to wrap the potato for baking. Is there an alternate method for wrapping a potato that doesn't contain the risks mentioned using foil?


We recommend not using foil to bake potatoes, because as a potato cooks when baked, it naturally releases some moisture within, giving the finished potato a desirable, drier interior flesh. When baked in a foil jacket, this moisture is trapped in the potato, giving the interior a more, ‘gummy’ finish, and while still edible, is not considered the ideal. It’s best to prepare the potato by simply rinsing clean, then piercing the skin with a fork a couple times or so on each side. For more tips on baking fresh, Idaho® potatoes, click HERE