Nick Blanksma

Name: Nick Blanksma
Wife: Loni
2 future Idaho potato growers; Wayden is 2 and Mazie is 4.

Hometown: Born and raised in Hammett, ID

How many generations?

Third generation potato grower, 6th generation American farmer. Our farm is a family farm, and I am very fortunate to be able to work side by side my mother, father, brother, wife and one day my children.

I'm proud to be a farmer because...Working with the earth and providing food for my family and others is very challenging yet very rewarding. I feel extremely blessed to be born into this lifestyle, with my family, and I cannot see myself doing anything else. The people I work with on the farm make me very proud because they have just as much invested into these crops as I do. We couldn't do it without them taking pride in what they do.

My favorite way to eat a potato:

Baby Russet Burbanks dug from our fields. With just a little butter and salt, you’ll never experience a better, more earthy-tasting potato than this. Since they are only available for about 2-3 weeks a year, the rest of the year I eat Russet Burbanks with butter, salt and pepper.