Trademark: shall mean any word, name, symbol, or device or any combination thereof used by a person to identify and distinguish the goods of such person, including a unique product, from those manufactured and sold by others, and to indicate the source of the goods.

IPC's trademarks are used to promote Idaho® potatoes and to increase recognition of IPC's certification marks. IPC's trademarks are used on non-potato products such as hats, coats, brochures, etc.

If the description above doesn't sound like your use case, you may be looking to use a Certification Mark logo.

Go to our Certification Marks page to learn more and view available logos.

Only Licensees may have access to download any certification mark or trademark file. Contact Dusti Zimmerman at (208) 514-4206 or by email at for a username and password.

Certified Trademark Spanish Color
Certified Trademark Logo Spanish Black
2014 Color Trademark with Banner
2014 Grayscale Trademark with Banner
2014 BW Trademark with Banner
Round Color
Round Trademark Grayscale
Round Trademark Black and White
Spuddy Round Color
Spuddy Round Grayscale
Spuddy Round BW
Famous Potatoes Vertical
Famous Potatoes Color
Famous Potatoes BW
Famous Potatoes Color Spanish
Famous Potatoes BW Spanish
Spuddy Boxed Color
Spuddy Boxed Color Spanish
Sketched Color