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May 9, 2012

CAFE Announces 2012 Idaho Potato Commission Innovation Award Winners

In anticipation of its 2012 Leadership Conference, the Center for the Advancement of Foodservice Education announces the winners of the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) Innovation Award. The annual award and two runners-up citations are given to an individuals and/or programs that demonstrate innovative techniques and practices in foodservice education.

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Mar 26, 2012

New Website from the Idaho Potato Commission Serves Up a Heaping Helping of Tater Tips, Tools and Facts

Hungry for more information on how to perfect your potato dishes? Consider your cravings satisfied with the Idaho Potato Commission’s (IPC) new website Potato 101, an all-you-can-eat buffet of knowledge on America’s Favorite Vegetable. Contents include a brief history of the famous Idaho® potato, FAQs, nutritional benefits and an in-depth guide to storing, handling and preparing spuds.

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Nov 16, 2011

Idaho Potato Commission's Expanding YouTube Video Collection Teaches a Variety of Tater Techniques from Dicing to Deep Frying

Cooking demonstrations have moved from kitchens to computers and Idaho® potatoes are taking center stage in a variety of instructional videos across the web. Popular blogger Average Betty ( has produced six videos for the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC), and the IPC recently launched its own how-to series, Potato 101.

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Oct 11, 2011

Idaho Potato Commission's Foodservice Ad Campaign, Project Reinvent, Receives Prestigious Produce Business Marketing Excellence Award

Project Reinvent, the Idaho Potato Commission’s (IPC) popular foodservice advertising campaign, was the recipient of Produce Business’ 23rd Annual Marketing Excellence Award. It was one of 20 campaigns recognized by the magazine.

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Jul 28, 2011

Idaho Potato Commission Partners with The Culinary Roadshow on an Internationally-Inspired Cooking Competition

Twenty of Harvard University’s finest foodservice professionals recently competed in a recipe contest to transform Idaho® potatoes, a beloved American staple, into mouth-watering masterpieces with an international flair. The Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) has announced the winners of the Official Culinary Roadshow: Harvard - Idaho Potato Commission Recipe Contest.

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Jul 20, 2011

Popular Blogger, Average Betty, Features Idaho® Potato Recipes in Fun YouTube Cooking Demonstrations

Idaho® potatoes are playing a starring role in a series of instructional recipe YouTube videos from food blogger Sara O’Donnell, Average Betty ( In the short episodes, O’Donnell demonstrates how to prepare one of her favorite Idaho® potato recipes, spicing up each video with fun potato facts and her own alterations and tips, seasoned thoroughly with her bubbly sense of humor and passion for potatoes.

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Jun 29, 2011

Idaho Potato Commission Announces Wake Up to Excellence 2011 Recipe Contest Winners

School foodservice professionals across the country jumped at the chance to share their favorite Idaho® potato breakfast recipes in the Idaho Potato Commission’s (IPC) first “Wake Up to Excellence” 2011 Recipe Contest. Stephen Ganser, General Manager at Metz Culinary Management in Elliottsburg, PA won an all expense paid trip to the 2011 School Nutrition Association’s Annual Conference (July 10 - 13) for his winning recipe, Idaho® Potato Cheesy Biscuit Scramble, a power-packed breakfast that will jump start any student’s day.

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Mar 2, 2011

Need a Prize-winning Potato Salad Recipe?

Look no further than this incredible Baked Idaho® Potato Salad created by Chef Carlos Barillas of the Burger & Beer Joint in Miami Beach. This palate-pleasing salad won first prize at the 2011 South Beach Wine &Food Festival’s Idaho® Potato Side Dish Challenge.

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Feb 25, 2011

The Heat Was on in South Beach as Top Chefs Competed Against Each Other in the Third Annual Idaho® Potato Side Dish Challenge

The nation’s most talented chefs competed for a ‘good cause’ at the fifth annual Food Network South Beach Wine &Food Festival’s Burger Bash. In addition to the battle to create the best burger, their love for spuds was tested during the Idaho Potato Commission’s (IPC) Side Dish Challenge. The Grand Prize was a $5,000 donation to Florida International University made by the IPC on behalf of Chef Carlos Barillas, Corporate Chef of Burger &Beer Joint, Miami Beach.

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Jan 28, 2011

Sourcing Idaho® Spuds

The Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) is offering its 2011 Shippers &Processors Directory free of charge to commercial and non commercial foodservice operators. It is an informative, 4 color- guide that provides updated contact information for all licensed Idaho shippers, exporters and suppliers; brand listings and shed numbers are also included.
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