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Support Materials and Detailed Descriptions of National Retail Marketing Initiatives Available to All Retailers

The Idaho Potato Commission's Retail Guide highlights the IPC’s multitude of retail marketing programs, as well as consumer pull programs that produce managers can leverage to help boost Idaho® potato sales. 

Eagle, IDAHO (February 18, 2016) -- Wrapping up a phenomenal year highlighted by the fourth cross-county tour of the Big Idaho® Potato Truck, the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) has recently distributed hundreds of comprehensive Retailer Support Guides to interested retailers across the country. The Guide highlights the IPC’s multitude of retail marketing programs, as well as consumer pull programs that produce managers can leverage to help boost Idaho® potato sales. 

The purpose of this unique Guide is to serve as a road map for retailers, giving them a year-long glimpse at the extensive retail and consumer initiatives that are taking place every month, which drive consumers to their local grocery store to buy potatoes with the “Grown in Idaho®” seal. With the IPC executing more promotions than any other commodity group, the guide not only helps retailers with long-term planning and forecasting, but it conveniently and easily organizes all IPC information, POS materials and other marketing tools into one convenient binder.

“As the leader in the potato industry, retailers often come to us throughout the year wanting to know how they can increase potato sales and margins – either through promotions, advertising or merchandising,” said Seth Pemsler, VP – Retail/International, IPC. “We developed this guide nine years ago so that retailers, in seconds, have access to POS materials, clip art and the consumer media plan, as well as our category management presentation and details on upcoming IPC promotions. The most important aspect of the guide is that it is presented by the IPC’s Retail Promotion Directors who ‘walk’ each retailer through the manual and highlight the most pertinent information.”

The Idaho Potato Commission Retail Support Guide is a slim 3-ring binder that easily and conveniently organizes must-have information for produce managers including: 

  • Consumer Media Plan: Easy-to-read, year-long schedule of where and when the IPC’s national and regional television advertising campaign and other programs are slated to run;
  • National Public Relations Examples: Descriptions of consumer public relations initiatives, including the Big Idaho® Potato Truck.  These initiatives drive consumers to the store and remind them to always look for the famous “Grown in Idaho®” seal;
  • Category Management Presentation: The biggest chapter in the binder that outlines the state of the potato industry, identifies category best practices and differentiates Idaho® potatoes from other potatoes, as well as explains how retailers can benefit from a customized version for their chain;
  • Potato Lover’s Month Display Contest: Details, dates and prize information on one of the most popular produce promotions in the country and a link to a special microsite on the IPC’s website to see all 115 winners from the prior year to help a retailer plan their winning display;
  • Potato Retailing Today: A publication meant to provide tips and details on the potato category to category managers and buyers directly;
  • POS Materials: Photographs of all the POS materials that are available to retailers;
  • The Big Idaho® Potato Truck Tour: Back by popular demand – the Big Idaho® Potato Truck is touring the country from coast to coast in 2016 to raise for local charities through our “A Big Helping” campaign and keep Idaho® potatoes top-of-mind;
  • Retail Promotion Directors: Contact information for the IPC’s Retail Promotion Directors.    

“One of the greatest benefits to retailers who work with the IPC is our proven ability to help boost sales in the overall produce department,” said Jamie Bowen, Marketing Manager, IPC. “Whether it’s through promotions like our popular Potato Lover’s Month Display Contest or the one-on-one service our Retail Promotion Directors give to each and every retailer, the IPC’s marketing programs and services are unmatched in the produce industry.”

In addition, the binder contains a flash drive that consists of IPC logos/clip art that retailers can incorporate into their own POS materials or advertising campaigns, as well as clips of the many programs and public relations successes by the IPC over the last year; our new national TV commercial, a highlight reel of our hugely successful Big Idaho® Potato Truck Tour, and a consumer program highlights reel. 

This information can also be found on our website at the following link: Throughout the year, the IPC will mail timely information on new promotions that can be conveniently added to the binder, keeping retailers up-to-date as programs are added.