IdahoanĀ® Crab Tumblers!

IdahoanĀ® Crab Tumblers!

Jason Hernandez
Blade & Tine Culinary Consulting

Yield: 120 Tumblers

A delicious seafood variation of an Idahoan® Tumbler.


Foodservice Recipe:



Foodservice Recipe:
1. Measure out 2 quarts of hot water (not boiling) into a large mixing bowl. 
2. Add the entire pouch of Idahoan® Tater Tumblers appetizer mix all at once, using a spoon or wire whisk to distribute evenly and thoroughly wet mix. Let stand for 10 minutes until potatoes are fully hydrated. 
3.  Once the mixture has cooled, place the crab into the bowl, breaking up any large pieces. Pieces should be 1" strands and pieces. 
4. Season the entire mixture with the blackening spice and add in the minced green onions. 
5. Using a spoon, fold all the ingredients together to ensure there is even distribution. 
6. Using a #60 scoop, portion out the entire mixture, getting 120 tumblers. 
7. To cook, fry at 350°F for 2 minutes until the outside is golden brown and the inside is hot throughout. 
8. Let drain for a few seconds to remove excess oil and serve. 
9. Once cooked, sprinkle paprika over the tumblers 
10. Garnish with a side of lemons and top with green onions.