Idaho® Potato Pancakes with Foie Gras and Apples

Idaho® Potato Pancakes with Foie Gras and Apples

Kirk Avondoglio
Perona Farms
Andover, NJ

Yield: Serves 6



For the garnish
  1. Cut apples in six 1/8-inch rings. Soak in simple syrup for 24 hours. Lay out on baking sheets and bake at 200-degrees F until dry, approximately 12-24 hours.
For the pancakes
  1. Grate the potatoes, onion and red delicious apple. Add the eggs, chopped parsley and flour. Add salt and pepper to taste. Saute in duck fat until crisp and brown. Reserve.
For the foie gras
  1. Make six 4-ounce foie gras medallions. Season well. Sauté in a hot pan until medium rare. Reserve.
For the sauce
  1. Add apple trimmings to duck demi glace. Simmer for 30 minutes. Strain and reserve.
To assemble
  1. Lay pancake on hot plate. Top with foie gras. Cut a slit in the foie gras to slide in the dried apple ring. Put one ounce of sauce around the plate. Stick 2 chives from the plate through the apple rings.