Korean Potato Cheese Dog

Korean Potato Cheese Dog

Thanthip (Fawn) Orbesen
Food Blogger

Yield: Makes about 5 Potato Cheese dogs.



  1. Boil cubed Idaho® potatoes until soft.
  2. Mash the boiled potatoes.
  3. Add salt and flour, then mix well to form a dough.
  4. Skewer mozzarella cheese onto the wooden sticks.
  5. Cover the cheese with the potato dough, ensuring it's well-covered to prevent the cheese from leaking out when deep-fried.
  6. In a shallow bowl, beat the egg.
  7. Coat the corn dogs in the egg wash.
  8. Then cover them with Panko breadcrumbs.
  9. *Important*: Freeze the corn dogs for 30 minutes before deep frying.
  10. Add oil to a large pot that can fit your corn dogs.
  11. Heat the oil over medium-high heat.
  12. Deep fry the corn dogs until golden brown.