Springtime Green Garlic Potato Salad


  • 2 pounds Idaho® potatoes, (do not peel)
  • 3 tablespoons or more, extra virgin olive oil
  • Kosher or sea salt, to taste
  • bunch of green garlic (or green onions)


  1. Scrub/wash the Idaho ® Potatoes, and place in a pot of cold, salted (about one teaspoon of salt) and bring to a boil, then gently simmer over medium high heat until cooked.
  2. Drain and let cool slightly then peel. Place in a bowl and let cool completely, meanwhile, chop the green garlic.
  3. When the potatoes have cooled, cut them into smaller pieces, then drizzle generously with the olive oil, sprinkle with salt and toss in the green garlic. Gently stir or toss to blend all the ingredients well. Can be made in advance and refrigerated as the garlic (or onion) flavor will improve with time. Bring to room temperature before serving.
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Yield: 6 servings

Christina Conte
Food Blogger
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