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There are a ton of amazing things about Idaho, from beavers skydiving to landlocked submarine bases. But, there is a reason that Idaho is famous for potatoes instead of those other things. The quality of Idaho potatoes is unparalleled. What makes them so great? There are actually a ton of reasons, but here are a few of them.

  • • Only Idaho has USDA inspectors-and we happen to have them in every single production facility
  • • Only Idaho has a size standard to ensure consistent sizing in every bag
  • • Idaho is the only state that grows over 13 billion pounds every year!
  • • Idaho’s is the only state that provides dedicated category advisors 
  • • Idaho’s rich volcanic soil, ideal climate, and mountain-fed irrigation gives Idaho Potatoes their unique texture, taste, and dependable performance.
  • • Idaho is home to some of the world's most advanced farming practices utilizing the best growing techniques and technology.
  • • Idaho has extremely stringent quality checkpoints (like third-party inspections by federally trained inspectors) that ensure consistency. 
  • • Idaho invests millions of dollars into research (like determining the optimal shipping temperatures and humidity ratios) to provide reliable, high quality, consistent potatoes.
  • • Idaho Potatoes have over 80 years of brand investment through wide-reaching marketing strategies aimed at driving consumers to seek out the Grown In Idaho Seal (national TV commercials, Big Idaho Potato Truck, Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, etc).
  • • Idaho Potatoes are extremely dependable and available year-round.